Who’s Who

Vaughan Roberts


Ministry Team

Toby Collins


Ellie Dawson

Undergraduate Worker

Lucy Downer

Music Director

Kathy Havell

Roots Worker

Douglas Igben

Local Community Ministry Worker

Lizzie Ling


Nancy-Page Lowenfield

(Female Students)

Josh Skidmore

Minister (Evening Congregation Leader & Undergraduate Students)

Glenn Nesbitt

(Evening Congregation Leader & Postgraduate Students)

Andrew Turnbull

(City Congregation Leader)

Pete Wilkinson

(Morning Congregation Leader)

Administration Team

Bev Adam

Financial Administrator

Tim Dossor

Minister (Operations)

Helen Gerry

Finance Manager

Alyson Grove

PA to both Rector and Minister (Operations)

Cathy Terry


Lorraine Andrews

Senior Administrator

Matt Felice


Ministry Assistant Team

James Atkinson

Richard Bestel

Hetty Cunningham

Tom Farlow

Beth Fraser

Millan George

Joe Rhee

Tinsley Sheppard


Suzanne Wilson-Higgins

PCC Members

As well as the Rector and Churchwardens, other members of the PCC are:

  • Sarah Bond (Grace Church Cowley Treasurer)
  • Richard Brunt
  • Hannah Lyman 
  • Jonathan Nicholas (Grace Church Cowley Lay Leader)
  • Ruth Osborne
  • David Parker (Grace Church Cowley Lay Leader)
  • Kate Randle *
  • Rahul Ravindran *
  • Trevor Rayment (PCC Treasurer) *
  • David Sarjudeen *
  • Rob Smith (Headington Lay Leader)
  • Becca Trollope
  • Carmen Tseng
  • Penny Vinden
  • Will Waldock
  • Chris White
  • Thomas Wood (Headington Lay Leader)

* Deanery Synod Members

  • Greg Brisk and Suzanne Wilson-Higgins are also Deanery Synod Members.

Clergy who are also members of the PCC:

  • Tim Dossor
  • Al Horn
  • Glenn Nesbitt
  • Ben Vane
  • Pete Wilkinson