All Together Service

We are excited to have our All Together Service where our three congregations all come together for one service at The Kings Centre. Here is the outline of the day with instructions about how to get from one place to the next. Everyone is welcome to join in any of these events.

Picnic at Oatlands Recreational Park, Ferry Hinskey Road OX2 0DA - 12:30pm

Come and join the Church Family for a picnic from 12:30pm. Oatlands Recreation Park is 10 minutes walk away from The Kings Centre. There is free parking at the Kings Centre and paid parking beside the park.

Coffee - 2pm

From 2pm, tea and coffee will be served at the King’s Centre, before the All Together Service.

All Together service - 2:30pm

A service where the whole church family from all three congregations, 10am, City at 4pm and 6:30pm can come together. People from all services will be involved and it will include a children’s talk. Vaughan Roberts will preach from Acts 8:26-40, Philip and the Ethiopian. There will be Sunday Clubs for those aged 0-11 years old. 

Shortly after the service, we will have Baptisms at The Kings Centre at 4pm. 

Baptisms @ The Kings Centre - 4pm

5 of our church family are being baptised and 2 are reaffirming their baptismal vows. They will share something of why they have decided to take this step, we will sing together, hear a short talk, as well as witness baptism of the candidates. 2 of our church family are going to