Joint Service & River Baptisms

Sunday 2nd June 2019, 2:30pm at the King’s Centre (OX2 0ES).

Please note that none of our usual services will take place on Sunday 2nd June.

Come for a picnic beforehand at 12:30pm

At St Ebbe’s School playing field (weather-permitting, see Map 1 below). Bring your own picnic and perhaps extra for others to share. After the picnic, we will walk along the river to the service at the King’s Centre.

Parking near the school is limited. We recommend that you park at the King’s Centre and walk to the school for the picnic.

River baptisms at 5pm

Join us after the joint service to see some of our members baptised in the river, a 15-20 minute walk from the King’s Centre (see Map 2).

Please note: If you are going to the baptisms, please do not leave your car in the King’s Centre car park as it may be locked up by the time you return. Please move your car out to the street where there is plenty of parking.

Map 1: Picnic site and King's Centre
The pins below show where we will meet for the picnic and the location of the King's Centre (you may need to zoom out or move the map to see both pins).
Map 2: Route to river baptisms from the King’s Centre

Turn left from the King’s Centre and head towards the river.
Follow the footpath by the river towards the Botley Road. Cross the road and continue on the footpath until you reach the baptism site near The Perch pub.

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