Digging Deeper: Autumn 2022

Each term we set aside an evening for all the church family to come together to consider a theme or issue relating to the sermon series for that term. This usually takes the format of three or four seminars addressing different aspects of the theme. 

In our Autumn Digging Deeper we picked up issues related to Part 2 of the St Ebbe’s Internal Review, “Healthier Church Culture”.

The recordings of the seminars are available below.

Seminar on Social Action

Led by Andrew Turnbull. This seminar looked at how the gospel relates to social justice, and how we might do more in Oxford and beyond. Listen to the recording here.

Seminar on Class

Led by Abi and Jake Marthinet-Glover and Glenn Nesbitt, this seminar considered what aspects of our church life are shaped by our cultures rather than the gospel and what we might be willing to let go of for the sake of others. The handout is here and listen to the recording here.

Seminar on Men and Women

Led by Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts, this seminar looked at the roles of men and women within church life and ministry. It reflected on some Biblical principles and what they might look like in practice.

Previous Digging Deeper Seminars

Summer 2022: Themes from Ephesians 4-6: Spiritual Warfare, Anger, Work, Forgiveness.