Supporting student ministry in Oxford

Friends of St Ebbe's Trust

  • Reaching students with the gospel
  • Building students to maturity in Christ
  • Sending students to serve Christ all over the world
Looking back

In 1995 the Friends of St Ebbe’s Trust (FoSE) was set up to finance gospel ministry to students at St Ebbe’s Church. There is much to look back on and thank God for; looking forward there are many needs too.

We praise God for the way student ministry has developed since 1995. The student congregation has grown considerably; we are reaching many more Brookes students through planting congregations in Headington, and are reaching bigger numbers of international students than ever before.


The student team is involved with the hard but exciting work of reaching non-Christian students from the UK and those who have come to Oxford from overseas with the gospel, and building up those already trusting Christ.

This involves the 11:45am service on Sundays, and Focus, iFocus and Thesis during the week as well as the annual student getaway at Ledbury, one-to-ones and much more. The team’s work complements and supports that of the OICCU and Brookes CU.

The future

It costs around £500 per student per year to sustain the student ministry at St Ebbe’s. Gospel advance means ministry growth.

We need your support in prayer and your support in pounds. Will you support the next generation?

You can download a standing order form here and if you are a taxpayer, so that we can reclaim the tax on your giving, a Gift Aid form here. These are also available from the church office, and once completed can be sent to, the address below:

St Ebbe’s Church Office
2 Roger Bacon Lane

Email FoSE

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Iain Broomfield
Nick Fortescue (Chair)
Susie Heywood-Lonsdale
Simon Neal (Treasurer)
David Reid
Vaughan Roberts
Liz Rossington
Frances Wayman

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