English Classes

Summer English Classes

You would be very welcome at our Summer English Classes.


St. Ebbe’s Church Centre, Pennyfarthing Place OX1 1QF


Monday 1st August

Monday 8th August

Monday 15th August

Monday 22nd August 

Monday 29th August



Please note we operate on first-come, first-served policy. Once we reach maximum capacity we cannot guarantee entry. We advise that you arrive before 6:15pm (doors open at 6pm). 



Teachers are volunteers from the St. Ebbe’s Church family. We are unable to guarantee that all teachers have training qualifications.

The lessons are intended for beginner (CEF level A1 & A2) B1) and intermediate (CEF level B1) learners, and only aim to provide additional English language support. They are not meant to be a completed course of English teaching or to replace a course in a language school. This is not a certified course. 

Upon arrival, you will be required to register your name and contact details solely for communication purposes, and will be subject to Data Protection Act 2018.