Fellowship Groups

Within a large church like St Ebbe’s, small groups are really important in helping us know and support one another.

Fellowship groups meet in homes around (and beyond) the city to study the Bible and to pray together. Groups are tied as much as possible to particular congregations so that you get to know well those you will meet on Sunday.

Fellowship Groups

for members of the 9:45am and 6:30pm Congregations

There are a number of groups scattered throughout the city and beyond, always welcoming new members. So, whether you live in Oxford, or further afield, please do consider joining one. For more information, or if you would like to join a 9:45am/6:30pm group, please email the church office

Fellowship Groups

for members of the City Congregation (4:30pm)

If you are a part of City and would like to join a fellowship group you should contact the church office.

Other small groups you might be interested in

For daytime and evening women’s groups click here. In your 20s-30s? Why not consider Roots?