ages 11–18

On Sundays

Pathfinders (for school years 7-9 - Key Stage 3)

Pathfinders is a fun, friendly, interactive and engaging Bible teaching group for young people in school years 7-9 and runs during the morning service (10am). We enjoy a Bible talk, games and time spent with friends. In the holidays, we sometimes stay in the service and listen to the sermon – contact Toby Collins for more information about this.

Impact on Sunday (for years 10-13)

Impact is for teenagers in school years 10-13 and meets on Sundays after the evening service (6:30pm) to spend time and share food together.

During the Week

Everyone is welcome to come along to either of our midweek clubs for 11-18s, whether you come to church on Sundays or not!

OX1 (for school years 7-9)

OX1 is our group for youngsters from the local community but young people from church are welcome too. Join us from 6:30-7:30pm on Mondays (pick up from 6:15pm, drop off around 7:45pm in the parish). We enjoy playing games (favourites including lions and nerf wars), spending time with friends and having tasty snacks. But our central time each week is spent looking at a bit of the Bible together, where we discover Jesus and hear God speak to us.

Impact (for school years 10-13)

Impact meets on Fridays, 6:30-8:15pm, it’s a safe place where we aim to make everyone feel comfortable and at home very quickly. We spend time hearing God speak to us through his word and we love to think through all of the questions the youth have and apply the Bible to our lives. We also play games, eat food and make strong friendships here. It’s a brilliant evening and all are welcome

Term Dates

For Pathfinders

  • Autumn: 3rd September – 17th December (no Pathfinders on 22nd and 29th October)
  • Spring: 7th January – 31st March  (no Pathfinders on 18th February)
  • Summer: 21st April – 21st July (no Pathfinders on 2nd June)

For OX1

  • Autumn: 11th September – 11th December 2023 (no OX1 on 23rd October)
  • Spring: 15th January – 25th March 2023 (no OX1 on 14th February)
  • Summer: 22nd April – 15th July 2023 (no OX1 on 27th May)

For Impact

  • Autumn: 15th September – 15th December 2023 (no Impact on 20th and 27th October)
  • Spring: 12th January – 29th March 2023 (no Impact on 18th February)
  • Summer: 19th April – 12th July 2023 (no Impact on 31st May)


We take the care of our young people seriously. You can find more information about safeguarding here.


Families Team

Toby Collins

Minister (Families)


Youth Worker

Alison Willis

Safeguarding Officer