Gift Day

Sunday 27th November 2022

St Ebbe’s holds two Gift Days each year in response to God’s goodness to us. These times let us reflect upon God’s goodness and pray how we might all share in providing for the needs of St Ebbe’s Church, so that we may continue to declare the Gospel, build up God’s people and send them out to serve Him in Oxford, the UK and around the world.

This Gift Day is held at a time of national financial challenge, but looking back, our Lord God’s generosity and guidance has been abundantly clear during the pandemic years. Praise God!

Looking forward at St Ebbe’s finances there are many things we do not know, but we know that our Lord provides. Therefore, our request at this Gift Day is simply for enough to meet our needs this year and to prepare for the coming year.

Our Gift Day targets are:

£30,000 in new regular giving.

£75,000 in one-off gifts and

Please remember that giving is a work of and for the Lord. We offer ourselves first to the Lord and then how we might use our money to serve Him.

This means that those facing financial hardship and who cannot give or must give less money are just as much a part of the work of giving as those who can give money. We all share together in the work of the Lord. He is able to provide not only for our needs but also the needs of the work of St Ebbe’s.

We invite each member of St Ebbe’s to give thankful prayerful consideration of Gift Day and respond with joy, faithfulness, and generosity.

St Ebbe’s finances in the time after Covid-19

During this year income and expenditure have been kept under close review. Most of St Ebbe’s spending is upon regular fixed costs, savings have been made where possible and spending on church activities has increased slowly to pre-pandemic levels.

Some of us are able to set aside money on a regular basis. However, others give as the Lord provides – this is a blessing from God. This is particularly true for the many in our congregation who are in Oxford for a just short time and Gift Days are an important opportunity for these church members to join in supporting the work of St Ebbe’s.

The Gift Day targets

Against all expectations reserves increased during the pandemic despite smaller targets for giving. The Lord’s great generosity encouraged PCC to devote the May Gift Day towards the purchase of the Rectory and as result a contract for sale has recently been issued. Praise God!

The target for Gift Day is in two parts and for two distinct needs:

There is need for increased regular giving firstly to meet inflation and secondly because every year members of the congregation leave Oxford, to serve God elsewhere in the UK and across the world. At the same time, new believers join St Ebbe’s. We encourage new members of the congregation to share in the work of the church and we ask established members of the congregation review their giving in the light of personal circumstances. Increased giving will help PCC consider a much-needed new part-time appointment of a person to help with communications.

The aim of the One-off gifts is to meet the financial needs for this year and to balance the accounts at year end. In addition, this target recognises that some of us are not able to give regularly and it is right that we all have an opportunity to share in the work of Lord in the practical way.


Previous generations of St Ebbe’s have provided a Hardship fund to reduce hardship in the Parish and congregation. The fund exists to glorify God by helping those in need. If you wish to discuss your needs please contact a Congregation Leader.

We invite each member of St Ebbe’s to give thankfully and prayerfully to the Gift Day

How to respond

If you wish to contribute towards the Gift Day, there are a number of ways in which you can send a gift, but in all cases, it is a great help if you would inform the St Ebbe’s Finance Administrator of your decision. Details of how to give can be found below. Please complete form below and press the submit button.

If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid is a means by which the value of your gift can increase by 25% without any additional cost to you. If you are eligible, please tick the appropriate box in the form.

Your response will be confidential and known only to the finance administrator.

Please make cheques/charity vouchers payable to “PCC of St Ebbe’s Church” and send to:

Financial Administrator (Private & Confidential),
St Ebbe’s Church
2 Roger Bacon Lane

Any queries?

Please email Trevor Rayment, or the Finance Administrator.