Gift Day

Gift Day 31st May 2020


Gift Day


We hold two Gift Days each year, in May and November, in response to God’s goodness to us. They offer us an opportunity to carefully consider our own giving, and to respond to the needs of St Ebbe’s Church, so that we may continue to declare the Gospel, build up God’s people and send them out to serve Him in Oxford, the UK and around the world.
This Gift Day is held amidst the deepest challenge to face our nation in the living memories of most people. Although the worst of the first wave of the epidemic may be past for the UK, its impact will be felt for many years. When surrounded by hardship of all kinds and anxiety about uncertain futures, careful consideration is needed to ask whether it is right to have a Gift Day.
Looking back to 2019 it is now clear that our Lord God’s generosity and guidance enabled us to complete the Building for Growth project and to plant Grace Church Cowley in a renewed building free of debt. The giving also allowed St Ebbe’s to replenish reserves to a wise level. Praise God!
Looking forward at St Ebbe’s finances there are many things we do not know, but we know that our Lord provides. Therefore our request at this Gift Day is for enough to meet our known needs this year.
Our Gift Day target is £50,000 in one-off gifts
At this time, it is important to remember that giving is a work of and for the Lord. We offer ourselves first to the Lord and then how we might use our money to serve Him.
This means that those facing financial hardship and who cannot give or must give less money are just as much a part of the work of giving as those who can give money. We all share together in the work of the Lord. He is able to provide not only for our needs but also the needs of the work of St Ebbe’s.
We invite each member of St Ebbe’s to give thankful prayerful consideration of Gift Day and act accordingly.
St Ebbe’s finances during COVID-19
We are thankful that most giving to St Ebbe’s is planned because most of our expenditure goes each month on staff salaries. Income and expenditure are being kept under close review. It is too early to know how planned giving will be affected by COVID-19 but a careful analysis of expenditure has been carried out in order to minimise unnecessary costs and there are indeed savings on utilities and general expenses (e.g. photocopying, catering etc). All staff continue to be paid in full, although cleaning staff have been furloughed on full pay, for their safety and because the church buildings are closed. We have also postponed the recruitment of a Senior Administrator and a Kitchen Manager. Grants to mission partners are protected. We estimate cost reductions of ca £25,000.
The Lord has blessed St Ebbe’s over many years by generous givers who have wondrously differing lives. Some are able to set aside money on a regular basis and others assess what they are able to give on a six-monthly or yearly basis or simply give throughout the year as the Lord provides. This is particularly true for the many in our congregation who are in Oxford for a short time. It is for this reason that the established pattern of Gift Days is being followed even during COVID-19. It is right to hold a Gift Day at the normal time to ask God to provide for our needs.
The Gift Day target
In the first four months of 2020, we give thanks that planned giving has not dropped. It is right to ask the Lord for what we know we need, therefore the Gift Day target of £50,000 assumes ongoing regular giving plus the reduced operational costs mentioned above. If, in the coming months, there is a drop in regular income it will be met from our modest reserves. The congregation will be kept informed.
Previous generations of St Ebbe’s have provided a Hardship fund for use to alleviate hardship in the Parish and congregation. It exists to glorify God by helping those in need. If you wish to discuss your needs please contact a Congregation Leader.
Practical things
Please prayerfully consider the challenge and opportunity of this Gift Day and respond by completing the online form below. If, after prayer, you decide to reduce your giving please also complete the form below in order that good plans may be made. Responses will be confidential and processed by the finance team.
Gift Aid
If you are a UK taxpayer Gift Aid is a means by which the value of your gift to St Ebbe’s can increase by 25% without any additional cost to you. If you are eligible, please tick the appropriate box in the form below.
If you have not previously completed a Gift Aid Declaration form for St Ebbe’s Church, please send the form, which can be found here, to the Finance Administrator at or
The Financial Administrator
St Ebbe’s Church
2 Roger Bacon Lane

Giving at Gift Day

There are a number of ways in which you can give financially to the work of St Ebbe’s at this Gift Day, but in all cases it is a great help if you would inform the St Ebbe’s Finance Administator of your decision. You can do this by completing this form and pressing the submit button below.
St Ebbe’s bank details are as follows.
Account Names: PCC of St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford
Sort Code: 20-65-18
Account number: 00729507
Please make cheques/charity vouchers payable to “PCC of St Ebbe’s Church” and send to:
Financial Administrator (Private & Confidential),
St Ebbe’s Church,
Oxford, OX1 1QE

Any queries?
Please email Trevor Rayment (, or the Finance Administrator (
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