Gift Day

Sunday 19th May 2024

Praise God for all he is doing through St Ebbe’s!

We thank God for providing Brenda Beckett, a Children’s Minister to join the team serving our growing Children’s groups and for providing what we need.

Our needs this Gift Day are:

  • £100,000 is needed to help meet our running costs.

  • Rebuilding reserves to equip St Ebbe’s for a church plant in 2025.




Our Gift Day targets are:

• £100,000 for our regular needs

Please pray the Lord will show us all how we can give by increasing our regular giving and/or by making a one-off gift.


• Rebuilding Reserves

Long-term gifts to replenish reserves to prepare St Ebbe’s for a church plant in 2025

The vision of St Ebbe’s is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus, to build up the Lord’s people and send them to serve Him in Oxford, UK and around the world.

Our Heavenly Father has provided the material things each year that St Ebbe’s has needed. Praise God!

At this Gift Day we are asking the Lord to give what we need this year and to prepare us for the next year.

Gift Days each year let us reflect upon God’s goodness and pray how we might all share in providing for the needs of St Ebbe’s Church.

Please remember that all giving is a work of and for the Lord. We offer ourselves first to the Lord and then how we might use our money to serve Him.

Let us unite in prayer and service.


Understanding St Ebbe’s finances

Most of the money that St Ebbe’s spends is used to pay for staff and most of that money is given by its current congregation. Each year we plan a balanced budget so that we can spend everything that we receive. Over the years, the Lord has provided for our needs.

St Ebbe’s holds two Gift Days every year during which we pray as a Church that the Lord will provide for our needs. At this time, we are asking for £100,000 and in November the target will be set simply to balance the accounts at the end of the year.

During the year, there are ups and downs of income and spending and therefore PCC sets aside some money as reserves to cope with these variations. The policy is to set aside money equal to 3 months of regular spending – about £300,000. When there are special projects, PCC rules allow it to use a small portion of these reserves to help those projects succeed. The most recent case was in 2022 when instead of a Gift Day we enabled church family to focus upon the Rectory Appeal run by the Littlegate Trust.

The Rectory Appeal was successful, but not holding a Gift Day left a hole in the accounts of that year which has not been refilled and furthermore in 2023 there was a dip in regular giving at a time of inflation of costs. Consequently, we now have a gap of about £120,000 in the reserves which we pray will be filled.

Giving at St Ebbe’s

Many are able to follow the urging in Scripture to set money aside each month and can make a regular monthly donation. We urge those in this position to ask if this is the time in the year to increase their regular giving.

Others are equipped to give as the Lord provides their needs through the year – this is particularly true for those in our congregation who are in Oxford for a just short time. Gift Days are an opportunity for us all to support the work of St Ebbe’s. These One-off gifts are an important part the finances of St Ebbe’s.

It not our place to dictate how the Lord will provide! We must trust Him.

Giving is for all and is more than money…

Please remember that giving is a work of and for the Lord. We offer ourselves first to the Lord and then how we might use our money to serve Him.

This means that those facing financial hardship and who cannot give or must give less money are just as much a part of the work of giving as those who can give money. We all share together in the work of the Lord. He is able to provide not only for our needs but also the needs of the work of St Ebbe’s. Previous generations of St Ebbe’s have provided a Hardship fund to reduce hardship in the Parish and congregation. The fund exists to glorify God by helping those in need. If you wish to discuss your needs, please contact a a Congregation Leader.


We invite each member of St Ebbe’s to give thankfully and prayerfully to the Gift Day

Practical things… how to contribute towards the Gift Day


  • Make a bank transfer or Standing Order to “Parochial Church Council of St Ebb”, Account Number 00729507, Sort Code 20-65-18.
  • Place a gift/voucher/cheque in the boxes in church
  • Post a gift/voucher/cheque to The Financial Administrator (Private & Confidential), St Ebbe’s Church, 2 Roger Bacon Lane, Oxford, OX1 1QE.

Please make cheques/charity vouchers payable to “PCC of St Ebbe’s Church”. Whichever way you give, please also fill in the blue ‘Gift Day Response Form’ below to let the Finance Administrator know.

If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid is a means by which the value of your gift can increase by 25% without any additional cost to you. If you are eligible, please tick the appropriate box in the form.

Your response will be confidential and known only to the Finance Administrator.

Thank you.

Any queries?

Please email Trevor Rayment, or the Finance Administrator.