The Oxford Prayer

Churches and Christian organisations across Oxford are joining together to pray this prayer for our city.

Father God, we lift to you our precious city of Oxford, which you have blessed so often in the past.

We thank you for our doctors and nurses, and all health and care workers. Please preserve them, keep them safe, and may your life and health flow through them to others.

We thank you for those working in frontline services, from refuse collectors to supermarket workers, media providers to delivery drivers. Please bless them as they persevere on our behalf.

We thank you for Oxford’s nurseries, schools, universities, and ask for creativity for staff teaching online, courage for students, and new ways for every child and student to flourish.

We thank you for scientists seeking to combat this virus through vaccines. Please bless their efforts, lead us out of this time of trial, and deliver us from evil.

We thank you for all our leaders in Councils, and in government. As they make difficult decisions on our behalf, may your Spirit of wisdom lead them in taking resourceful and compassionate action.

We pray for those on the streets and living on the margins, for your provision: through kind, practical support, and may all in our city receive our daily bread.

We pray for any in danger at home. Please keep them safe, restore broken relationships, and breathe your peace upon every household in Oxford.

May all who are lonely, anxious, or whose minds are troubled, know your presence bringing light and hope.

Please comfort all who are suffering bereavement or loss of any kind today.
We pray for those facing insecurity or turbulence in their work lives, for your guidance, and sustaining grace to carry on.

We pray again that ancient prayer: Lord: ‘We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you’. We lift our eyes and hearts to you.

Please lead us in your good ways, your ancient paths. As Oxford University bears the motto, ‘The Lord is my light’, may we know your light, and may we carry that light to others.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Love of God and Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all. Now and Forever, Amen.

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