Pastoral Care

At St Ebbe’s, we’re a church family, and we do our best to look out for one another. We want to help each other turn to Jesus Christ in both the joys and struggles of everyday life. 

As we are a large church family, we encourage our members to be part of a small group so that we get to know a few people, who seek to love, support and care for each other.  As we engage with God’s word together, we also hear what’s going on in each other’s lives, pray together and pull together to help.  

The sorts of issues we help each other with are as varied as life itself, from relatively minor to very serious.

The love and care of our small groups in these situations is very valuable.  

However, sometimes it’s wise to involve others from the church family or seek more specialised help, for example: 

  • Meeting one to one, to read the Bible and pray with an older Christian, has proved helpful to many and may be the extra support that is needed.  
  • More specialised one to one help may be required if what we’re struggling with feels very life-dominating, deeply painful or we’re just feeling stuck 
  • Attending one of the courses we run. 

We want to care for you well. If you’re not sure who you could talk to, you could approach your small group leaders, or any member of staff, or email to request a pastoral conversation stating the congregations(s) you attend.   

For more information about the types of struggles people face and about the courses we run, please follow these links: 

  • More general detail on pastoral care and some suggested resources here.
  • Celebrate Recovery, a year’s course    Celebrate Recovery 
  • Real Change, a six-session course      Real Change  
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