Resources on Domestic Abuse

For those who are (or suspect they might be) victims of domestic abuse:

A Letter to Wives Who Are Wondering: Is it Abuse? (Christian Counselling & Educational Foundation –

Domestic Abuse (booklet) (Darby Strickland

For those who fear they might be perpetrators of abuse

The Heart of Domestic Abuse – Gospel Solutions for Men Who Use Control and Violence in the Home (Chris Moles – Amazon)

General information/advice on helping others

Walking With Domestic Abuse Sufferers (Helen Thorne –

Is It Abuse? (Darby Strickland –

If you are someone who knows you need help

Please consider speaking to a member of the staff team here at St Ebbe’s – or emailing We will do our best to listen carefully and sensitively and seek to support you well. 

For details of other places to go for help, please see the posters on the back of bathroom doors in the Church Centre, or see below.


At immediate risk of harm: Call 999.

Not at immediate risk of harm: Call 101

Always call 999 in an emergency

If you are unable to speak on the phone:

  • From a mobile phone, press 55 and the operator will transfer the call to the relevant police force as an emergency. The police call handler will then ask you a series of simple yes/no questions. If you’re still not able to speak, listen to the instructions you are given so the handler can assess your call and send help. Please note that calling from a mobile does not allow the police to track your location.
  • If you are calling from a landline, pressing ‘55’ will not work. If you can’t speak you should stay on the line and the operator will connect you to a police call handler. If you need to put the phone down, the line will stay open for 45 seconds. If you pick it up during this time and the operator is concerned for your safety, they will put you through to a police call handler. Calling 999 from a landline means the police may be able to retrieve information on your location to send help.

Diocese of Oxford Safeguarding Team (weekday office hours)

For urgent safeguarding concerns:

Call: 01865 208295


Local domestic abuse helplines/websites

Oxfordshire/West Berkshire

0800 731 0055

Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse

Provides information on housing, refuge services, injunctions and safety planning.

Flag DV

0800 731 0055

Provides free legal advice to victims of domestic abuse in Oxfordshire.