Ministry Training Course (MTC)

The Ministry Training Course runs on Tuesdays at St Ebbe’s Church. A new monthly Saturday morning course will be starting in October. Our aim is that each week will cause those attending to have a greater view of the Lord, a fresh desire to serve Him and be equipped to pass on God’s Word to others. Key elements of the course include:

  • Bible Expositions: Different church leaders from the region open up six books of the Bible.
  • Doctrine and Practical Ministry: Across the year we study and apply two big doctrines, consider principles for Bible teaching, look at foundations for ministry, reflect on pastoral and contemporary issues as well as hearing wisdom from those serving in different contexts.
  • Students practise giving talks and leading Bible Studies in small groups. 
  • Bible Overview: A year-long course exploring the big picture of the Bible.

Watch a video which includes current students:

Talk to us in person

If you have any questions about the course or would like more information, please feel free to contact Kate Randle (SCGP Administrator) 

For details on how to apply click here